To start your ad creation, first login to or open the app and click on the AdPin that you would like to edit.

First, you will create your ad's text.

After you have created your ad's text, the next step is to add images to your ad. Click on either landscape image or square image on the left hand side. Similarly to the headlines, only one of these will ever be shown at a time, depending on the app or website the ad is being shown on at the time. Once you have clicked on one of the image buttons, you will be given the choice to either upload your own image or choose a stock image by category.

Select the image you want to use, then click OK!

The next thing to add is your Website URL. Click on Website URL on the left hand side, which will open the following screen.

If you are using one of our landing pages, do not type its URL into the Custom URL section. Instead click on the circle next to "Or select an Upline Landing Page" and then on the circle next to the landing page you wish to use. Finish up here by clicking OK in the top right.

If you are not using one of our landing pages and instead want to use your own website, type the URL for that website in the Custom URL section. Make sure you use the full URL, i.e. not The best way to do this is to type the link into your browser and hit enter, wait for the page to fully load, and then copy the link from the top to paste into the Custom URL section. Make sure to hit OK when you're done!

After completing the Website URL section, you're almost done! The next step is your AdPin location. Click on AdPin Location on the left hand side to open the following page.

You can set a location either by clicking on the map or by typing in an address. Once you have found your desired location, you can set the radius of your location from 1 to 10km (0.6 - 6 miles) on the right-hand side. Once you have set your location, hit OK in the top right.

You're almost done! Enter your business name on the left hand side, making sure that it matches your landing page or website and make sure that the language is correctly set to the language your ad is in. Hit Save and you're done!

Your ad will now go to us for review. We will normally approve or reject your ad within a few hours. If approved, your ad will then go on to our ad partners who can take up to 24 hours to review. Once this is complete, your ad will be active!

If you need any further help, please don't hesitate to email us at! You can also enter our live support from Monday to Thursday between 9am and 7pm EST, and Friday to Sunday 9am and 5pm EST.

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