We and our ad partners have guidelines that we have to follow in regards to what we are allowed to advertise and how they have to be formatted. Below are some of the main reasons for ad rejection.

Destination Mismatch/Redirecting URL

This is most often because you have not used the final link or you have used a link shortener. To get your final link, type the link you want to use in your browser and hit enter. Let the page load and, once it has, copy the link from the top of the page. Then paste the link into the Website URL section of the ad builder.

CAPS, marks

Please avoid using all caps or special characters such as exclamation or question marks.


Please avoid using pictures with a lot of text or logos on it. If you are struggling to find your own image, you can also use one of our stock images! Also please avoid using selfies.

Misrepresentation/Unclear Relevance

This means that our ad partners do not believe that the ad is relevant to the website or landing page that you are using. If you receive this rejection reason, please try to add more information to your landing page or website and try to match the words to those in your ad headlines.


Our ad partners do not allow ads referencing CBD. To advertise these products, create a landing page that does not mention CBD but instead talks about the effects of the oil.

Facebook Personal Page

Facebook pages are only allowed if they a business pages or groups. Ads linking to a personal facebook page will not be approved.


Our ad partners only support ads for Registered Crypto exchanges or Mining Solutions. ICOs and other projects are not permitted. If your service may be recognized as a Registered Crypto Exchange, please submit your registration to support@royaltie.com.

Broken Link

Unfortunately, your link is not working. Please resubmit your ad with a working link.

Phone Numbers

Please avoid using phone numbers in your ads as they are not permitted by our ad partners. To leave your phone number, please add it to your website or landing page only.


Our ad partners do not allow you to use trademarks. If you receive this rejection reason and have the right to use the trademark, please submit your evidence to support@royaltie.com

This is not a fully extensive list, there are other reasons that your ad could be rejected. If your ad is rejected, you should receive an email letting you know and giving you the reason why. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to email us at support@royaltie.com! You can also enter our live support from Monday to Thursday between 9am and 7pm EST, and Friday to Sunday 9am and 5pm EST.

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