Industry Restrictions 

The following industries have advertising restrictions in place (although these can vary by country):

Alcohol, Copyrights, Event Ticket Sales, and Trademarks ads may be eligible to show in certain regions provided that you apply for certification from our ad partners. If you require additional clarification contact

  • Alcoholic drinks 
  • Event Ticket Sales 
  • Financial products and Services (those related to the management or investment of money and cryptocurrencies)

The following is not allowed:

  • Adult sexual services 
  • Bail bond services
  • Casinos and gambling 
  • Counterfeit goods 
  • Explosives (examples: Fireworks or pyrotechnic devices; firework display companies are not allowed to advertise)
  • Products from endangered species 
  • Fake documents e.g. IDs, passports, etc
  • Garage door repair services 
  • Political parties and candidates where it is prohibited by law 
  • Recreational Drugs
  • Sale of free items
  • Some healthcare ads including clinical trial recruitment, HIV home tests, secret paternity tests and prescription drugs (unless licensed) 
  • Third-party technical support (examples: Phone repair, desktop repair, software installation) 
  • Tobacco (examples: Cigarettes, Chewing Tobacco, Herbal cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes)
  • Traffic devices intended to interfere with the enforcement of traffic laws 
  • Weapons that can cause harm; items such as non-working guns, paintball guns, flare guns, kitchen knives, etc are not allowed 

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